How do you think relying on Artificial Intelligence in effective fund management of client’s portfolio will benefit or will it still be considered as a tool which cannot think beyond human intelligence? It is a parody of sort as professional fund managers cannot have enough of all the stress from the markets that they have a humanoid competing with them! Well, times are changing, robotics is not just limited to science fictions and matter of being metal pieces in art Galleries, they too have evolved from a mere sketch in pen and paper to perform activities which a human can do and in a much better way.

The Invisible One

Assisting fund managers in their operations, placing funds of clients in the top performing financial products, these nonphysical forms of automated software are often termed as the invisible kinds who are out there to transform the operation of a fund house more efficiently and effectively. Now most of us are aware what the Black rock did in replacing AI doing the jobs of the Fund managers, well it is a win some lose some in this field to test the technology. They lost out in a bad trade due to an incorrect algorithm and went bankrupt.

Now should we rely on the AI?

It is not about the win of the human mind over technology, it is just about being cautious not to rely too much on automated biases, which is nothing but too much dependence on technology and its outcome, increases the acceptance of the outcomes. Similar is the experience when it comes to airline industry where there is a lot of experimenting with AI, that pilots avoid major accident related precautions as they are too busy in relying on how an instructionless flight cockpit work, which has resulted in huge loss of human life which cannot be ever, ever replaced.

The dependence on automated systems makes one believe that this is the ultimate step which cannot go wrong and all is well. With Artificial Intelligence Fund managers coming at the behest, they pose a new form of risk both for the investors, as well as the fund houses that are addicted to the automation bias. Though the AI can pick the right kind of investment product they can never match the human mind which has this intuitive capacity to study the entire stock markets within a couple of minutes and save the client from making an incorrect decision.

Everybody has a right to live happily in this world, which is, unfortunately, being thwarted by the state of poverty for few. It is to help these unfortunate ones, the concept of Microfinance arose, in where, small amounts of financial assistance, be it in the name of loans, insurance or savings scheme, is offered to help them able to provide better for them, their family, and their dreams! While every nation in this world is afflicted by some levels of poverty, the situation is critical in the developing nations and therefore, this concept can parlous benefit a majority of the people there, certainly!

To better understand this concept, let us understand the benefits it could offer to the society!

  • Ending poverty

Not everyone you see begging in the streets feels satisfied to do so; a majority of them is secretly awaiting the right chance to end their poverty, which can very well happen with this concept of Microfinance. Providing them with little money, which is so satisfying for them to start a business or get an education can lead them into the path of prosperity by putting an end to their unwanted poverty forever! Since traditional financial institutions would not offer them the assistance, the rescue comes only in the form of Microfinance!

  • Well-developing community

If the people of the community are provided with enough means to fulfill their practical dreams that would lead to the growth and development of the community since negativity has been put down forever.

  • Reduced crime rates

Lack of education and money are the main reasons for most of the crimes happening in the world, which could be very well overcome with the concept of Microfinance and therefore, a fearless community, where crime rates are very much lesser is seen on the rise!

  • Accessibility

A financial emergency, unfortunately, never comes with a prior appointment, which is more critical in the case of unprivileged ones. These poverty-stricken people do not have the opportunity to seek the conventional financial institutions to thwart the danger and therefore, end up succumbing to the emergency, which sometimes, cause them their dear lives. With the concept of Microfinance and the offering Microfinance institutions, access to the financial assistance has increased for these people, which means more dear lives will be protected, appreciably!

  • Increased job opportunities

Through the concept of Microfinance, if the job opportunity is provided for an individual, say helping him/her to start a small business, such as setting up of a small condiment shop, he/she might create additional job opportunities, such as recruiting an assistant to help in the daily chores. This is a small example how Microfinance can create more job opportunities thereby shrinking the unemployment factor, greatly!

There are scores of graduate programs and degrees that teach you the various aspects of finance but very few teach you how to be a smart money manager and utilize your funds prudently and wisely. All the rich in the world have experience learned to be financially savvy. If you wish to save yourself some heartbreak and become one of the smart ones, start here.

To begin with, everyone who wants to use their hard earned money carefully must learn the very basic skills of budgeting. Besides this, they must become knowledgeable about how credit cards work and how investing for a secure future is as essential as breathing.

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Let’s begin…

Mind over math

While it is true that the actual amount of dollars does matter, it boils down to your mindset as to what you make of the amount you earn. With the right mindset, you will learn to keep your expenditures less than your income without compromising on your lifestyle and your essential needs.

The below points will help you take the first step in becoming a smart money manager.

  1. Set expense limits: Always have a clear-cut goal for your financial future. You don’t need complicated pie graphs and projections to plan your finance; just simple math will do. Calculate a comfortable percentage of your income as savings and ensure you do not touch that portion at any cost. This way, your expenditure amount will be limited and you will perforce be spending within limits.
  2. A credit card is for emergencies: While it is really easy to use the plastic card, you will very soon spiral into debt if you are not careful and are not strict about your credit card purchases. The best way to avoid this scenario is to use them only in a dire emergency and not for your regular routine shopping.
  3. Cut down on unnecessary expenses: In the present world, there is a constant onslaught on your senses and your purses from online shopping sites besides the regular brick and mortar stores. You are forever lured to buy things at a discount. Since the human psyche always wants more for less you get conned into buying stuff you don’t need in the process harming your finances without even realizing. Hence, buy only essentials and not things you think you might need somewhere in the distant future.

With a little bit of forethought and planning, it is not difficult to manage your funds comfortably and in a profitable manner.

There are a lot of opportunities and openings for job seekers in the market and this huge population includes people from all sects of life finance, marketing, management etc… Now it is understood from the various opportunities and the market movements that there are a lot of openings for those seeking jobs in the finance-related fields and one very good option for the financial experts is the fund management field. Yes, this is now the trend in the market and there is a huge demand for fund managers in the market today.

But why should you decide to become a fund manager?

  • Top banks and other financial institutions have already moved into this fund management field and are making unimaginable profits here by learning and getting to know the tips and tricks of fund management. So in such a situation, it becomes easy for those seeking an opportunity to flourish well in the market by getting into one of the big companies that are looking out for experts in fund management since this is of utmost importance in any type of company dealing in any type of business.
  • The market is now making a lot of hiring in this field. As said above, there are a lot of opportunities these days owing to the increasing demands of the companies concentrating on managing and controlling the flow of cash in their organization. So getting into the market would be the right and the best time to make use of the chance.
  • A lot of people who are from different backgrounds are also now taking up finance seriously for there is a lot of demand here. The ones who are already from this field have a greater demand and they are preferred by most of the companies and if you are already an experienced person in working with such concerns, you will be the first preference for all companies and there would be a tight fight for you.
  • The reason for anybody to hunt for a job or an opportunity with any company is just to make money. Money is the essential factor for livelihood and it is with this hope and expectation that people strive to get a job with a company. Now the market for this fund manager is really good and as expected the pay for this is also good. There are people who take up this sector on a permanent as well as a temporary basis. The ones who are taken on a temporary basis get paid in the form of fee or charges which is calculated as a percentage of the asset held by a company.

Knowing and analyzing your business at regular intervals is as important as making profits from the business. This means that you need to find out the objectives of the business in the current market, future aspects of the business, the current value of assets and amount of liabilities to be cleared.there are many methods of valuing the business and also it is done professionally. People who take care of doing this at regular intervals can maintain a clear record of their business and this will help them during the audit, making new partnership and also while dissolving the company.

Some of the essential elements of business valuation are:

Economic conditions:

this is the first step required in finding the business value. A business valuation report is made which consists of a summary of the purpose of the valuation, the date and the audience present at that time. It also contains the regional, economic and national information details about the how the business operates o the current market.industry associations, as well as the state governments, also make publications of the statistics of the economic conditions

Financial Analysis:

this is an analysis of the company’s financial position and consists of the reports about the income statement, balance sheet position on the year ending dates. It uses common ratio analysis, trend analysis, and few other methods to calculate these values. This helps the person who does this calculation to make a comparison between similar companies of the same industry and what factors may influence their economic position.

  1. Income, asset, and market approaches: three approaches are effectively used to find the value of the business and make decisions accordingly. The income approach uses the net worth calculation to value the business. The asset approach uses the method of calculating the value of assets of the company and the market approach is to identify the market position by comparing those with the industry standards. These three techniques use different methods to find the value of the business.
  2. Normalization of financial statements: This is a technique followed to find out the income generated by the business to its owners. This is the amount of cash flow which happens in a business and doesn’t affect its operations adversely. The common normalization techniques are comparability adjustments, non-operating adjustments, non-recurring adjustments and discretionary adjustments.

This gives the end to a detailed description of the elements of business valuation which is necessary to find the status of a business in a market.

A trailing stop loss is an important part of the trade because it lets you protect your profits. Traders would agree that many times the trade hits the stop loss even though it was profitable a few minutes back. The trailing stop is used to protect this and to ensure that once the trade starts to move in your direction it is protected and in no circumstance would result in a loss.

How to start trailing your stop loss

Assume that you are going long on a trade. You are bullish about a particular stock and have

technically analyzed it and have found a good support level where you wish to go long. You

place your initial stop loss a few points below the support level.

Once the price hits the support level you are long in the trade. Wait for some time and let the trade start moving in your direction. If it moves in your direction then you are out of the trade when the price hits the stop loss.

However, if the trade starts to move in your favor and you see that you are making profits then you should save your profits. You thus start to think about trailing your stop loss.But which is the best way to do it.

Trailing stop loss

Every asset will have an upward and then a corrective move. So suppose you are long on trade and want to trail your stop loss then wait for the stock to make a high and correct. When the stock has made the correction and has started moving up again wait for it to cross the last high. As soon as the stock does that you can place the trailing stop loss where the price started going up after the corrective move.

You need to keep doing this till the stock hits the trailing stop loss. Once the price hits the trailing stop loss you are out of the trade.

Why is this method a logical way to trail stop loss?

If the stock is in an uptrend then it is making higher highs and higher lows. Your trailing stop loss is placed below the low. When the stock price makes lower lows it is that time that it could indicate that the trade is changing the course of direction. This could mean that the trend is changing and thus you need to be out of this trade soon.

The idea of entrepreneurship and becoming a successful business leader is a dream for many. We need to be well educated in being clear about the requisites of a business. Making a proper and simple business plan and getting too smart strategies are essential in a business startup.

Finding a proper investment and sponsor to fund for you can be a difficult and challenging task. This is accomplished by diversifying the sources of funds rather than putting everything in one fund. There are some tips for beginners and advice to follow for financing a new business. Some of them are discussed here for the awareness of all.

These are the typical sources of finance for a business:

  • Personal investment: the money you have saved in the previous years from your income can be the best and most useful one when you decide to start a business can also be a collateral of your cash or belongings such as jewels or real estate. This has a personal emotion connected when you are able to use your own money for the long dreamt wish of yours.
  • Love money: the money provided to you by your loved ones, spouse, family or friends is called as love money. This helps you at this time of need.this is also called a patient capital which means the money which will be repaid after the business progresses.
  • Venture capital: the capital amount which is deposited in the business at the beginning and expects returns in future is one crucial financing form. Venture capitalists focus on the business plan and need assurance as to how the business will be developed.
  • Angels: these are wealthy people or retired professionals who like to fund for the people who want to start a business. This they do by expecting a share of profits or by expecting ownership share.
  • Business incubators: these are the people who focus on helping the business at different stages of the business. There is also a class of business incubators who help for job creation, revitalization and hosting and sharing of services.
  • Government grants and subsidies: there is an opportunity when the government provides some exciting loan offers at every fewer rate of interests to start a business.getting such grants can be tough as they require every entrepreneur to submit a detailed plan of the business, the financial requirements and its justification and details of the experienced key people.once you submit a proposal it is verified and approved.
  • Bank loans: these are the most sought-after type of financial help which are also of many varieties as per the requirement of the business people. The bankers also will look out for the trusted and most credible borrowers so that repayment is not a pain.

This concludes the financial requirements for a new business start up from the general point of view. This will help to create knowledge for the people who want to make their business dreams come true.